Sunday, January 24, 2010

7 Months and other happenings

Chloe turned 7 months this week. She is getting more and more comfortable sitting up, though she still needs assistance. She really wants to 'Go' but can't quite coordinate everything to crawl. She has however figured out how to 'walk' over to a shelf in her jump-up. She looks so proud as she grabs at stuff. At those moments I get a glimpse of what is to come, lots of baby proofing! This weekend has been a bit rough because her 4th tooth, upper front one, is starting to break through and it looks really painful. Needless to say, she has been restless and a bit more prone to bursting into tears at anytime. I must say she is still a cutie and will look super cute with one top tooth and 3 bottom teeth, oh my!

Two weeks ago, one of my BFF's came for a visit and it was delightful, but far too short of a visit. I miss my sweet friend and it feels that life is flying by and all of a sudden she is having her second child in a couple of months! I did gets a few pics of Chloe and baby K.Last Sunday we were able to celebrate Jo's Birthday, and had a great time bowling ( I enjoyed a dinner with her too). I must say that JoAnna is one of the most graceful ladies I know and I am so thankful for her life and friendship.

Ben, Jo, Carolyn, Brent


anna said...

i love the carolyn/jo combo. MAN. i miss those girls a TON!!! i might have started crying when i saw that last photo! haha.

Paprika said...

I think Joanna looks so beautiful in these pictures!!

Heather said...

#1 - I MISS YOU!
#2 - the picture of C in the exercauser should be in a magazine, it is too cute!
#3 - love the pictures of C & K, wish we had more opportunities for them to play.
#4 - I'm having a second child?! LOL, still getting use to that reality. ;)

Jo said...

Thanks for taking pictures! I'll have to get those from you sometime. I'm so glad you,Brent, and Chloe were there! It was really fun. Especially that awesome bowling ball i picked out - a real winner. ;)

Liam said...

Those are certainly wonderful pictures. Made me miss MHK.