Sunday, February 21, 2010

8 months

Chloe turned 8 months today. She is looking so grown-up in this picture. Last week she got her 6th tooth and loves eating bananas and cereal puffs. She has really started to get mobile. When we go get her in the morning she is scooting around her crib on all fours. She sort of crawling around the living room as well. She will be on hands and knees and lunge forward. She still sleeps 12 hours, but only naps for 45 minutes at a time (and still not in her crib). I told Brent that we (I) have to get her sleeping in her crib for naps by the time she is 9 months. That means that this month I have to get started on that. It is going to be HARD for me as I HATE leaving her in her crib to 'cry it out'. We will see how this goes. Pray for me, seriously. I am enjoying seeing more and more of Chloe's personality emerging. She has even thrown her first tantrums in the last few weeks, oh dear. She upgraded car-seats because she out grew her infant seat. We got at great seat, Evenflo Symphony, that has a great fit in our tiny car. It has taken some time to get her adjusted to being in it. Mostly she hates having a coat on when she is in there, which is a pain given that we seem to be living in Antartica these days. Here are some pictures that I love from the past few weeks.
Chloe loves bath time!

She can put her pacifier in by all by herself.
She gets frustrated sometimes."Crawling"Lunging.
(try and ignore the cabinet that needs to be dusted)


Liam said...

That is either a volleyball dig, or she is ready to train for the luge events (except she doesn't like the cold). thanks for the update; she is growing up nicely.

Sandie said...

Jenni, never call attention to your dust! Most people won't notice and all who love you would never bring it to your attention!! 8 month old baby trumps dust any day. I can't imagine getting any cleaning done when playing with (and just looking at) Chloe is so much more compelling. Love you!

Michelle said...

YES! No apologies needed. I was only noticing how shiny your wood floors looked until you mentioned the dust. Now I can't stop thinking about how dusty my old house must be in places. No apologies, though :)

Chloe seems so long! What a cute little girl!

Jemm said...

You are so sweet Jenni. I'm glad you checked out my blog. It is somewhat of a secret to people I know. For some reason, I don't tell people about it unless "blogs" come up in conversation and even then sometimes I don't. Weird?

You are a wonderful photographer. Chloe is a good subject for you though, oozing all that cuteness :) I am enjoying our Wednesday mornings too. I like the getting together part best, the book is just so, so for me. Are you going to go to girl's night out on the 5th? I am planning on it. See ya!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed these pictures! Chloe sure does have beautiful eyes. How have you been? Hope you're well!