Monday, March 08, 2010

Swing Baby!

Sunday afternoon we took Chloe out for her first swinging experience. She really loved it! She is such a curious little thing and enjoyed looking at the other kids, the trees and everything else around her. She loves being outside and it makes me long for spring even more. This babe has also started pulling up to her knees this last few days and today while playing in her crib got all the way to standing. We lowered the crib all the way. I love her curious spirit and the way she engages with other people melts my heart. Today at Target she was looking at an older gentleman quite a distance away and he came up to us, started talking to her and said he just loved how she noticed him and made eye contact and smiled. Brent and I specifically prayed that Chloe would be a blessing to people at a young age. What a joy to watch God answer prayer in the simplicity of eye contact and a smile.Chloe loves using her teeth and loves to crunch puffs by putting them in her mouth by herself. I will hopefully post a video soon. She likes it so much that she now refuses being spoon fed. Not sure what to do about this. I have tried giving her all sorts of chunks of food. Banana is about all that she will eat. Any suggestions for my independent eater?

As I was looking through my pictures I found this one of my parents and Chloe from a couple of weeks ago. What a sweet picture of love.


Paprika said...

That's an awesome picture! Maybe chunks of avocado or cooked sweet potatoes? Are peas too little?

Heather said...

The picture of her cheesing in the swing showing off her teeth is SO cute. I honestly teared up, wishing I knew her better & that Kaiya and I were swinging at the park with you.
Miss you!
And to echo Erkia - try avocado - one of Kaiya's 1st favortie foods was avocado especially when mixed with squash (not sure why but she would eat that stuff like candy!)