Saturday, April 03, 2010

What we've been UP to

Things around here have been lots of fun with spring weather and baby exploration. It feels like a lot to me, I can't imagine how Chloe must be feeling. She is constant motion. These days she is cuter than ever as she is crawling at warp speed and pulling up on everything! I feel like I can't take my eyes off of her for a second. I know head bonks happen and they certainly have in our home so far. In the past few days she has figured out that moving her legs will move her closer/further away from things. I am thinking she will be walking before her 1st birthday. Well, it keeps us on our toes, I am crawling around the living room most of the day just keeping up and spotting her. I really love her curious spirit, applaud it and encourage her explorer's heart. One of her favorite time of day is around 5 pm, our front door is open and sunlight is cast on our wood floors. She will spend a lot of time playing with her own shadow, waving hands, trying to kiss her shadow, enjoying my attempts of shadow puppets (a dog is all I can do at this point). She is intrigued by it, and it make us laugh! More pictures of my sweet Chloe Lynne.

SO BIG!!!!

She is standing under the table, so cute, so busy!
I got her a punching balloon and she loves it (always supervised).
Loving the summer skort. What I love even more are her sweet, chubby baby legs!


Laura said...

I love your creativity with her! You are great at encouraging her creative spirit. You are an amazing mom, and I am so proud of you!! Love ya!

nat said...

So cute! Watch that W-sitting though - it's not good for her legs. Just the pediatric PT coming out in me. :) She's getting so big!