Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter dress drama

I was so excited to have Chloe wear her first Easter dress this Sunday. I had the dress, got shoes and a hair bow to match. Sunday morning came and her morning nap was a bit of a struggle and so I was a bit flustered trying to get us all out the door to make it to the 11am service. Brent was helping me get Chloe dressed and she started throwing a fit when I was putting it on (something she has been doing when we put clothes on her). She would just pull and pull at the dress fabric getting so frustrated, she REALLY hated the dress. So while I got ready I had Brent see how she did in her dress. A few moments later I hear a BOOM, and crying. She was sitting up and was pulling so hard on the dress that it pulled her forward, flat on her face. So sad, kinda funny, but sad. I was REALLY upset that I was going to have to forgo my Easter dress dream. I just didn't want her falling on her face all morning in the church Nursery. So after a mommy melt-down, read:tears, freaking out about what she would wear, more tears. We put her in a skort outfit, stuck a bow in her hair and called it good. I have no pictures of her in her first Easter dress. I must say that I was quite bothered by how much I cared about what my baby looked like on Easter. It seemed so trivial given the message of Salvation and the Resurrection. In some ways the dress drama put me in touch with my own need for Jesus. The rest of the day was wonderful and we ended it sharing Chinese take-out with some dear friends. I do have some pictures of her later in the day. The 'Easter bunny' brought her a swing for our backyard. Love this little sweetie!

Our dogs were a bit confused about having a baby in their backyard, but I got some pictures of them. Nigel is the big dog (Irish wolfhound/lab), he is always outside, and cheerful. Charlie is our inside dog (Sheltie mix), camera shy, skittish, and barks at his own shadow. Doesn't he look thrilled about all of this?! Maybe it's the bark collar, the camera, the baby? Who knows this dog is weird!

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