Thursday, April 22, 2010

10 Months

Chloe turned 10 months yesterday. It has been a difficult couple of weeks for us as all 3 of us had different sicknesses. Chloe had an ear infection, Brent sinusitis/bronchitis, and I had some sort of Upper Respiratory infection. I could barely swallow for 3 days! We were all down for about a week solid. Chloe didn't feel well, but she was her normal energetic self. Oh how I wish we could have all snuggled in bed together. I must say that I was pretty worn out (maybe still am). Along with Chloe turning 10 months, she seemed to decide to not sleep her normal, predictable 12 hours. She has been so restless and cries out several times in the night. The only thing that will comfort her is if I hold her for a few minutes. We are guessing it is either a developmental phase or some sort of separation anxiety. I am hoping this phase passes quickly. I am tired of being needed!!! I will say she is cute as ever, pulling up on everything. She shows likes and dislikes. She really dislikes kittens/cats and even whines when she sees them in books. She like balls and bubbles and dogs. She loves cheese and still doesn't like eating from a spoon. She and daddy like to watch Playhouse Disney some mornings. The hot dog song is hard to get out of your mind! We think she has a few words including: Hi, Da-da, No, Yeah (while clapping), and ma-ma (only a few times when desperate). She is so busy that I have a hard time knowing how to get things done. She doesn't really sit still and with all her pulling up needs to be supervised. Any tips veteran moms?


Angela said...

Baby proof to the point that you don't have to worry about anything--that is, be able to be cooking or whatever you need to do while she's crawling around exploring and doing her thing. Put up baby gates to confine her if it helps.

Paprika said...

We blocked Malia in a smaller place and made that area baby proofed. Didn't work so well with Josie because Malia just moved things around. But it sure was great with Malia!

She's so cute!! Miss you guys.