Saturday, May 22, 2010

11 months

11 months. Chloe is having a great time enjoying the summer weather. She loves being outside and likes being in the grass, but crawls with knees off of the ground (hands and feet only). She loves spending time with her Daddy in the morning and just jabbers and plays while I get a bit more rest. Friday we were passing by a neighbors garage sale and they had a playpen that we decided for $5 was worth a try. She spent some time in there today and seemed to enjoy it, especially the throwing things out part. She is standing by herself more and more, but hasn't figured out how to move her feet. She is taking two pacifiers to bed with her and likes to hold one and have one in her mouth. Cute now, I am anticipating the day we take those away it will not be cute at all. This really is a fun stage. Chloe is such a social baby and it is so great to see her interacting with others. That smile just melts my heart. I am planning her 1st birthday party and can't wait.


Angela said...

Wow. She's grown a lot in the last month or two! Her face is looking more grown up all the time. Love you all and miss you.

Em said...

James did the same thing with pacifiers until a few weeks ago when we took away his 'back-up'...we're weaning him off SLOWLY. He has woken up every night since then b/c he had gotten used to sleeping with something in his hand! He refuses stuffed animals but will take an empty sippy cup. Silly boy...but it sure makes them happy in the meantime!

annaO said...

She is so adorable Jenni!