Saturday, June 19, 2010

Chloe's First Birthday Party!

Though Chloe's Birthday wasn't until Monday we celebrated Saturday in a BIG way. Family and friends joined us braving severe weather with flying trash cans and all. It was a full day of trying to get everything ready for an 11 am party, and the Birthday girl wasn't especially happy until people started to arrive. I have had a vision in my mind of the party table for many months and it came to be for the most part. Her party theme was Bubbles and Balloons and we had both. The invitations were designed by my amazing artist/web-designers/executive brother-in-law Steve. He took a picture of her and created an illustration of her which was on the invite as well as the smash cake. We provided a light lunch (though ended up being pretty hardy), and cake. I REALLY love what I did for party favors. Each child left with a balloon and on the end was tied a small container of bubbles. I drilled holes in some foam (covered in fabric) and stuck each bubble container in the hole. Turned out super cute. Love how the table came together! Chloe had a great time and we did too. She was cautious about her smash cake at first, but soon enough that is exactly what it became. She obliterated the thing. Icing was flying everywhere and she loved entertaining the crowd. She didn't really like the taste at all, just enjoyed playing. We just put her in the bath tub and hosed her off after. She was such a sweetie and was so excited (overstimulated) that she couldn't even take an afternoon nap. Whew! We were all tired, but so blessed to celebrate with everyone this first year of life for our Chloe Lynne. She is such a joy to have! Her smile and friendly nature just make a room light up when she enters it. I hope that remains true throughout the years.


will said...

wish we could've been there!

Paprika said...

We enjoyed the party very much! and yes the party favors were a hit. We still have ours. :)