Saturday, June 12, 2010


Well there is A LOT happening in our world lately. The most noteworthy is that we are preparing to sell our house so we can move to Nebraska to start a job at a church there. We are excited, we are scared, we are overwhelmed by all there is to do. We hope to have it on the market by the 21st, right after Chloe's 1st birthday bash and father's day. It is nuts. I am in detail overload mentally. I am getting excited about the move, the possibilities of how God might use us, being closer to family and all there is to do in a bigger community. Lots of sadness in leaving this sweet place, it is a very unique close-knit community. I will miss that, but mostly my heart friends here. It's to early for me to go there emotionally, so I am focusing on colors of balloons and selling things on craigslist instead. In this midst of all of this transition there have been some great moments in the last few weeks: A life-long friend came for a visit and our girls played together, I turned 34 and got to go on a date with my husband and our life group got me Starbucks ice cream, and today we took Chloe to the splash park. Our girl is fearless...just goes for it. I love it and it scares me. I am headed to Wichita for a few days to Brent can get some things done. Pray, pray, pray for me. This will be my first road trip alone with Chloe and she has thrown the biggest tantrums in the car. I will need patience and the ability to focus on the road more than her. I can't wait to see my dearest friends though.
Chloe and Sunshine"Should I try it?"
"I'm going in"

Okay this series of pictures crack me up! Brent is being so protective, it looks like he is going into battle or something. What a great Dad he is!

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Paprika said...

I think she's braver than Malia!!

Jenni, you know I am so sad about this news. But I can be excited too about how God is leading you and wants to use you. We will just miss you 3.

I can totally relate about detail overload. I don't do so well with details. Oh well, it will get done somehow.

By the way, we are planning on coming to Chloe's party and are so excited to celebrate her turning 1!