Sunday, August 08, 2010

Count to 10

I am checkin' in to rehab along with b in real life and a bunch of other ladies. The idea is this: On Monday's write something positive about being a wife/mother/woman to combat the guilt we might often feel. Saying 'no' to mommy guilt sound great to me! I want to be done with it and hopefully this is a start!

Our sweet, active Chloe gets really frustrated when she can't figure something out and/or communicate with us. She knows some basic signs and word and uses them, but sometimes it just isn't enough. She gets REALLY MAD! Like laying down on the floor and screaming and sometimes banging her face on the floor. In the past, this behavior has made me REALLY upset (MAD) too and I feel out of control and just want her to STOP. This last week I decided, mostly for myself, that when this happens I will go to her and hold her hands, have her look in my eyes and I will count to ten out loud, then take a deep breath. I have done this for about a week now and it truly calms both of us down, then I try and distract her by suggesting another activity and take away the toy/circumstance causing frustration. It is great to find a way to communicate to her that it will be okay, even though we don't understand each other all of the time. I think I will give myself a pat on the back, yep...that felt good!

Check out B's blog to link up to other women saying no to guilt!


HisTreasuredPossession said...

I'd have been mad too!! Way to go with finding a solution that is working for you and Chole. The fact you were even *thinking* about that shows your mommy-love! Absolutely no guilt there!

Brooke said...

that's a good tip! I can tell Q is starting to get frustrated too...might give the Jenni method a try :)
I have a girl who has a babysign website that is going to write a post for my blog about tips for baby signing...I'm looking forward to some good info :)

thanks for checking into Rehab

Mandy said...

Great idea! (found you on B's linky) :)

My littlest guy is 3, and thankfully we just finished a 5 month long fit-a-thon.. gosh I wish I'd have thought of this! I wonder if it would've helped him.. and me! I'll try it next time.. I'm sure there are more fits to come!

All Doll(ed) Up said...

good idea... think i might need it more than my kids!! :)

Mendy said...

Do you think that will work with teenagers?? I think I need the teenage version of that trick for my students. And tomorrow's my first day with my new freshman... they'll probably be pretty shocked if I grab their hands and start counting when they're cussing me out! HA! Now I REALLY want to try it just to see their faces!!

That's a really great idea, Jenni, and worthy of a woman-guilt-free celebration for sure!