Monday, August 09, 2010

That's my girl!

(She actually kept these on the whole time we were at the pool!)

Well, the time has little girl is beginning to LOVE accessories. Shoes! Sunglasses!Socks! Tights! That has been all she has been interested in playing with lately. She will go to her room and get in her sock and shoe drawer and has us put different combinations of shoes/socks/tights on. She just loves the options I think (I totally get this girl!). It has been a lot of fun and today Brent took her to Wal-mart with 2 different shoes on and it just delighted my heart! I love that he didn't care if her shoes matched or not. I am convinced this is genetic. The women in my family have a serious accessory addiction! This age is a lot of fun and I love seeing her discover her world. Here are some pictures of our toddler accessorizin!

Sporting her new shoes, that she loves!


Carmen said...

She is so cute! Way to go Brent on the mismatched shoes!

Dee Anne said...

Hi Jenni - I just wanted to stop by and say that I miss you guys! it's so refreshing to read your blog. Have you all found a house yet? (and Chloe is SUPER CUTE!)