Wednesday, September 01, 2010


It has been a week and some days since we moved to Lincoln. I think it would be fair to say it has been full of adjustment, on virtually every level. There have been many tears for all 3 of us (and my sweet parents who are letting us stay with them). I miss our little Manhattan, KS town, but and trying to embrace what being here has to offer. We are even under contract on a house, all in a weeks time. It is exciting, and scary. I really like the house. I think it is sweet, the kitchen is an upgrade from our old house, we have a basement and 4 bedrooms. Those things are an answer to prayer. We are still waiting on a few details before it is a sure deal. Chloe had a few hard days and we decided to try going back to a morning nap. That has revolutionized our little girls attitude. Sweet stuff is back! It isn't as convenient, but helps our family a TON! She has really sky rocketed in her vocabulary. I am glad she has learned to sign, but some of her signing is maddening to us! Like, more. She can sign and say it and says it for everything! More, more, more. AAAAHH. She is also obsessed with the big dog, Nigel. She LOVES this guy and at my parents house is around him a bunch more. She isn't afraid of him at all and wants to play all the time. It is pretty sweet and hilarious because Nigel is 85lbs. Nigel rode in the U-haul with Brent and sat in the passenger seat the whole time. So funny. Today is game day and people are excited, as they are in college towns all over America. Here are some pictures of our last week.


Paprika said...

This seems so weird! Great news on the house. I am excited to see pictures. You should do some before and after, because I'm sure you will put it together with your own touch :) We miss you!!

Angela said...

oh my gosh, look at the sweet Chloe! She is so big! I miss y'all.