Friday, September 10, 2010


It looks like we are only a few weeks away from being in a new home! Everything worked out with offers and counter offers and now we are just waiting for our closing date and those little things that have to be done by the seller. I am starting to get excited, and sometimes overwhelmed with the idea of unpacking all of our belongings. Things I love about our new house: big windows (lots of light), bamboo floors, laundry on main floor, 2 toilets, kitchen open to living area, a basement. Seriously, this house has many of the things that we wanted in a home. I am so thankful!

Chloe went to story time at our local library and LOVED the kids, and the songs. She is growing and changing everyday. She does have few obsessions that on long days almost push me off the edge. On a good day, they are endearing and cute.

1.NIGEL ("da-do")-our large dog, she wakes up wanting to see him and asks to go outside and play with him like 20x or more a day.

2.HATS-She loves seeing people in hats, knows the sign for hat. When she first showed interest in hats we had several collegiate hats that when we would put them on we would sing the fight song. Now she thinks EVERY person that is wearing a hat should sing a song.

3.CHOO-CHOO SOUL-God help me! My baby girl loves her R & B and this little 2 min Disney channel mini-show is her favorite. She constantly asks for it. We downloaded the music to play in the car and when we play it she looked stunned and excited and was SILENT for 10 minutes. Now that is all she wants in the car too. She will say choo-choo and do the sign for music. Moms out there don't show this thing to your children, I think it brainwashes them or something.

4.MORE-My baby like to sign and she learned the sign for 'more' very early on. Now she uses it while she says, 'more', and for everything. Like help, or 'more choo-choo', eat more, you get the idea.

5.Pa-Pa-This is what she calls her grandpa and says his name ALL the time. For some reason she whispers it, so adorable.

6.No-No-She says this WAY too much for my liking and for random things.

7.BRA-Sorry if this is TMI, but it is too funny. She likes looking at her belly button, mine, Brent's. One day she lifted my shirt up and pointed to my bra and I told her what it was. She now knows and properly uses this word on a daily basis. Cracks me up.

Just a few things I wanted to document and share with those of you interested.


Brooke said...

"vegetables, they give me..super powers!" Q LOVES Choo Choo Soul too...she bobs her head with the beat. It's still cute to me, but I can see you point!

sorry we didn't get to chat tonight. I miss you lots, and you being gone from manhattan makes me a bit weepy. :(

So happy you found a house that fits your family so well!!

Carmen said...

Oh, the little things kids say/do that can be so cute or totally drive a mom insane! She sounds pretty sweet!

I'm excited you found such a great home. Please be sure to post pictures at some point.