Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Around the house

I thought I would finally post some pictures of some things around the house. I like our house more and more everyday. It really suits our little family well. This post will be picture heavy, hope you enjoy!
This is looking from out living room into our dining/kitchen
We hosted Thanksgiving at our new house
Here is our kitchen looking in from the dining area: lovin' the cabinet and counter space!!!
Looking from living room into the 3rd bedroom/play room. This space is awesome right now, excited to see how we use it in the future.
In the playroom we were given this beauty from my parents. Chloe loves to play it and I have tried to play out of this Christmas book that I must have used before my piano teacher fired me as a student and told me to quit (true story). I can actually play a few songs and love having a piano in the house.
We get to see Grandma a lot since we live only a couple of miles away!
Chloe loves being pulled around our bamboo floors on her silky.So happy!
Nothing to do with our house. But loving TJ's and their products.....I'm not the only one:)Nothing says Christmas like licking batter and holding a Mickey Mouse ornament!


annaelyse said...

jenni. these photos are great! your house is just lovely. can't wait to see it filled with memories over the years!

Paprika said...

Yea, house photos! Love them Jenni. Your home looks beautiful! I really like the color on the wall in the dining room - did you paint it or was it there? The kitchen area looks very warm and inviting.

Angela said...

That's really cool. Thanks for posting pics. I love getting to see around your new home. It looks very cozy. Your Thanksgiving decor was gorgeous. I love the floors, too. I bet the play room is so appreciated! Throw the toys in there at bedtime! Chloe's looking so adorable in those pigtails. I bet she really likes to help you in the kitchen, too.

Mendy said...

that's a beautiful picture of your dining room table for looks great, Jenni

Carolyn said...

Jenni! Oh man, we can't wait to come. Just a month! We miss you guys! Your house looks lovely. And can you and I please, please, please take a trip to Trader Joe's while we're there? :) I love it!