Monday, January 24, 2011

Catching up

I have been terrible at blogging, mostly because I was surprised by my parents with an iPad for Christmas and have been spending most of my time on there, still haven't found a great App for blogging yet (any suggestions?). It was an Oprah moment for sure. Lots of screaming between my sister and I (who got one too). Thanks Mom and Dad, you got us both!

Like most of the mid-west we have been hit with several weeks of extreme cold as well as lots of snow. We've had lots of inside time with attempts to be creative with a busy 19 month old. Since it has been so cold, I brought the snow into Chloe one afternoon. She enjoyed eating it mostly,
but also enjoyed how cold it was.

I have also enjoyed doing some projects, I made this 'bow center' for a friend at church that is having her 1st girl (already has 2 boys). It was loads of fun to make. I also made some curtains for our basement windows that turned out much better than I expected. Life here in Lincoln is feeling more like home everyday. This week I am most excited about my sister's store in Omaha grand opening Friday evening. I am SO proud of her and her husband taking this risk and doing something they love. Check out the super cool website that gives a taste of what the retail store will be like. It is called, Mae and Pearl.


Kara said...

Mae and Pearl after your grandparents! I just checked out the website and its fantastic! Congrats to your sister and brother-n-law. Hearing your grandparents names brings back a lot of memories - such great people. I was really young when I knew them, but they definitely left an impression.

Chloe is darling! Congratulations on the great house and move back to Lincoln.


Kara said...

It hit me like a ton of bricks a few minutes ago that I am thinking of Ann Connick's grandparents who lived down the street from us on 52nd Street. Gosh, I must have had you really confused!