Saturday, March 26, 2011

Operation Recovery

Sick little one

Almost 10 days ago, we had the worst few days we have ever had with Chloe. She was crying and whining I had taken her to the doctor on Tues of that week and they said she just had fluid in her ears (no infection). A day later I knew she definitely had a double ear infection. So back to the doctor 2 days later, after much crying and sleeplessness. In fact she had a double ear infection and pneumonia. Yikes! Doc said that these things can progress in 8 hours. So while the anti-biotics did their work we let Chloe watch LOTS of TV and did a lot of holding and singing to her. It was so sad to see her barely talking, but 48 hours later, she was SO much better. Now, she seems back to 'normal' but we will head back to the doc on Monday to make sure everything has cleared up.Cuddles with Daddy

Now that Chloe is feeling better, she is talking more and more. Favorite phrases are:
All right guys, eat!
I love you.
I want to eat.
I poo-poo, I pee-pee (waiting for warmer weather and a healthy baby to start potty training).
I want watch a show.
I want see mommy, daddy, etc...
I want to cook.

She also enjoys praying. I will start praying and thanking God for people she will list the people she is thinking/praying about. Very cute. She even prays for Elmo, Abby and may other kid characters.Such great expressions! (I have been told she gets this from me:)
Rockin' the ponytail!

Chloe loves playing in the hamper, she even closes the lid and stays there awhile.

This post got a bit random, that is a bit how life feel right now. I am thankful for our little family even in sickness!


Paprika said...

Ummm...that close up of Chloe is SO you. Wow - what a cutie! Sorry for all of the sleeplessness. I know that's no fun.

Angela Spicer said...

oh, jenni. so glad that you're all doing better. i know how hard it is to see a talkative bouncy baby girl limp and quiet. she's so pretty, jenni!

annaelyse said...

i was going to say the SAME thing as eeks. sooo beautiful!