Saturday, March 26, 2011

Now that the touurnament is over...

I know many of you cringe to even read this post (K-State friends) but it is really a CRAFTING post more than a KU Basketball post. Brent is a KU alumni and lived through the glory days of a National Championship in 1988. March Madness is a BIG deal in our house and I am SO glad that I enjoy basketball too. I actually became a KU fan before we met. Anyway, we sport our KU shirts on game day and Chloe always points to her shirt and says, "my jay, jay, jay". She really wants a Jayhawk shirt of her own. SO because it is next to impossible to find anything in Lincoln other than Husker apparel I decided to re-purpose her infant Jayhawk onesie into a toddler size shirt. Here is what I did....Original Onesie (6 month size)
Cut out a piece a bit bigger than I want the final product
Heat n Bond, great product.Iron one sideCut, peel paperIron on the shirt wherever you want itI stitched around the Jayhawk, not perfect. I like that look.
Sadly she wore this the day KU lost. There's always next year!

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Mendy said...

it's so very lawrence-y of you to reuse and repurpose the old outgrown onesie!