Monday, May 23, 2011


The last month has been pretty full with events and Brent was gone for a week at a conference. While he was away I had two of my dear friends come for a visit with most of their kids. It was a whirl-wind 24 hours, but so worth it to see these kiddos playing together and once they were asleep (took some longer than others) we enjoyed some time together.This is the best picture I could get of the 'big kids'. Chloe, K and J.
Chloe and I worked hard on this sign for Brent and He loved it. He told me he had never had a welcome home sign before. I had no idea. So glad we did it.

The weather has been either warm or rainy. Water play is one of C's favorite things to do. We pulled out her baby pool from last year and enjoyed some afternoon swim-play. We MUST get a larger pool soon though!

Look at her long hair! I think by the end of summer we will need to schedule a hair cut. I don't trust myself with scissors. My old barbies are a testament to that.SHOES!!! I think she loves them too!
Having a blast as an almost 2 year old. Less than a month to plan her 2nd Birthday.
I am going much more low key this year. I am thinking Elmo or Go, Diego,Go! party.

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Erin said...

Love the pictures. Chloe is really growing up and looks so sweet! We should schedule a chat soon...I'll e-mail you.