Thursday, April 28, 2011

In pictures

Spring is Here!

Time for parks and climbing.
Ready to ride Dumbo, I guess!

Enjoying green grass and dirt.

Loves putting these guys "upside down".
Lots of time with Mom, hard to get a good picture of the two of us.
I love this picture because we are working together. I roll the eggs, she puts them in the nest. And you can see my potter's thumbs too!

This is her 'surprise' expression

Rides with Daddy.

Daily playtime with the neighborhood cats (this is Dwight).

Summer's coming!
I really am enjoying the imagination my girl has. She remembers so much about day to day life, it amazes me! She likes to pretend that she is an animal that needs to be rescued (thanks, Diego!). Brent was pretty worried this week when he took her to the mall play area and she was in a tunnel saying, "HELP, AYUDA!", He didn't know the game she was trying to play yet. Chloe really has a sweet spirit. We give our share of time outs and have tantrums around here for sure, but she is so willing to tell us what the 'no, no' is and say she is sorry. She has even given herself time outs (not sure she TOTALLY gets it yet). She has also banged her head against the wall when we have given a time out. A normal toddler, trying to figure out who she is and what independence feels like. Taking pictures of her is a joy and I can't believe how LONG her hair is!


9150 Lindsey Circle said...

GREAT pictures, Jenni...Chloe is so sweet, and you are such a fun mommy!

Brooke said...

can you tell me how you get chloe how to sit still for a time out? my hand is bruised for the multiple spankings my STRONG willed quincy gets....

Jenni said...

Honestly, every kid is so different. At our docs recommendation, we started time out's in Chloe's crib. 3 minutes, go in ask what the no no is and if she doesn't get it tell her what it is and ask her to say I'm sorry. Now we can ask her to sit on a spot on a wall and she might cry or bang her head a few times, but stays until I come talk to her. No magic solution here though:).