Monday, October 31, 2011


We kept our Halloween pretty low key this year. Chloe said she wanted to be a tiger (had ears and a tail from my niece. Last minute she told me she wanted to be a cat with whiskers. Easy enough. We had ears from last year. Cutest cat I have EVER seen. She was saying, "MEOWW" in this picture. We then went to our local HY-VEE where they do trick or treating and had dinner with friends there. Then we went around our neighborhood with these 2 cute robots, our neighbors and close friends. We had a great time. Topped it off with a visit to Grandma, who passed out candy with Minnie ears, gloves and a Minnie T-shirt (forgot to take a picture). So. Much. Fun.


Brooke said...

i love that sweet little cat!!! she's so photogenic by the way

Christy said...

Oh my goodness, she is an ADORABLE kitty! Wanted to say thanks for the water spray bottle tip for curl refreshing. "If" you don't get a chance to take a shower cracked me up. These days it's more like "if" I get a chance TO take a shower. :) The spray bottle WILL get used!!