Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday Family Outing

 Today we visited Pumpkin Patch, Bloom where you're planted, about 30 minutes outside of town. It is perfect for little kids and doesn't have any spooky stuff. Chloe enjoyed it all and even picked out a cute pumpkin for herself.
Looks as cute as it is.
Our 2 yr. old is a tad over 3 ft. this fall. Yikes! Brent is still measuring just under 6 ft.:)

 Talking to the baby goat.
 This was a cute water pump that sent plastic ducks down the pipes.
 Tractor with Mom
 Many of you know that I love the idea of interacting with animals but it doesn't always turn out very good (Monkey screaming and throwing a cucumber at me in China). These chickens were kind of aggressive and were pecking my wedding ring and legs. I tried to act calm but eventually stood up and moved on.
 Hayrack ride to the pumpkin patch.
 Sweet little pumpkin .50cents.
 Snack time, homemade sugar cookie.
 Corn box. Chloe loved this sensory play.
 Corn angels.
 Swimming in the corn. I had my shoes off in the corn and it was so much fun in there!

It was a great October day with the family!


Heather said...

Great family picture! And Chole and her little pumpkin was so cute! Miss you friends.

kellie j. said...

Before I read your caption I was thinking that you both looked a little scared of the chickens in that shot! :) They can be real meanies, I've heard! That looks like a GREAT place to visit!

Gail said...

So many things about this post made me smile (or laugh)! Can't believe Chloe is over 3 feet tall! You look gorgeous in the family picture--love the length of your hair. The screaming, cucumber throwing monkey-Sooo funny!

annaelyse said...

i laughed SO hard remembering the monkey/cucumber incident. ha!