Sunday, March 04, 2012


I had the opportunity to visit my close friend for 4 days in Seattle, Wa. This means my AMAZING husband has been caring for Chloe during this time. It has been a great gift and I have has a great time away. I have seen some sights, but mostly have spent quality time with a good friend, relaxed and eaten a lot of good food.
This is a ring that I bought in Pikes Market. I always buy a unique piece of jewelry when on a trip. This one is a wearable ceramic ring. I love the glaze.
A beautiful day in  Seattle. Baby bump at 22 wks.
Pho! Vietnamese noodles. This stuff if AWESOME. The broth alone I could drink, but the noodles, herbs and with a bit of hosin and!
IKEA! Need I say more?!
Love all the fresh tulips at the market.
Tourist worthy, for sure!
Cha su bao..A south china food. I loved this when I was 13 on my first trip to Hong Kong. It brings back memories. A bun with sweet BBQ pork inside. So tasty.
Everything is so bright and fresh.
Spring Roll. The peanut sauce is so delicious.
Asian salad with cabbage, chicken and other goodies. It was fresh and delicious.


Paprika said...

I want to know what all those food items were...looks yummy! What was the white dollap?
Glad you had some time with Heather...sounds so fun!!

Jenni said...

I updated the blog with descriptions of the food items.