Sunday, March 11, 2012


I have always been what I would consider a resourceful person. I like getting deals and though I am not a super coupon-er I like to wheel and deal when I am face to face with people. Lately, I have been finding myself using this skill as my little girl's imagination is running wild. She is SO into make believe and I love participating! I get to create the props with things lying around the house. This is a LOT of fun for me. It challenges my creative mind and I love seeing her enjoy these things that cost nothing! Here are a few of the things I have made lately...

Fabric Scrap Tu-Tu
I saw this concept first on pinterest, this pin. I adapted it a bit making it a bit easier to make and it took A LOT less time. I measured a thin piece of elastic using a pair of pants that fit my child just right and used a needle and thread to sew it together. I then got out all my scrap fabric and started to rip about one inch strips of all colors and patterns. I then looped the fabric around the elastic. I trimmed the length up once I was all finished. It was easy, took very little time and cost me nothing, I had everything already. Chloe loves it as a tutu and has even used it as a lion's mane!
Dance party!

 Booty Shake!

DIY Cardboard Camera
Chloe always sees me taking pictures and asked me if she could have a camera that she could take pictures of her animals with. I started to think that I could easily build her a cardboard camera. I hit the recycling bin and grabbed a kleenex box, a toilet paper roll, and the cap of an empty chap stick. I cut a small kleenex box in half and pieced it together to make a square with packing tape. With an exacto knife I cut a hole for lens (toilet paper roll) and cut it down a bit. I used some strong glue (you could use hot glue) to secure the lens. I then cut a small hole for the shutter (chap stick cap) and glued it in place. I added a square hole in the back to see through and taped a ribbon onto each side. Voila! I might like this as much as she does. It was so much fun to create and if you wanted to get fancy you could cover it in fun scrapbook paper. 

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