Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tired and impatient

I have been TIRED this pregnancy. I think having a very talkative and active almost 3 year old is wearing me out. I am hoping the 3rd trimester energy will come that I can do some nesting for baby girl. Speaking of baby girl, we cannot think of a name for this child. Chloe loves to try out baby names for her: Rainbow is her favorite right now. I always love how imaginative she is with names she picks out for things. I am hoping the name will come, just as it did when we both decided that we loved the name Chloe.

I have been struggling to be PATIENT with Chloe as she seems like she is constantly asking questions, saying "Mommy" 100x a day and transitioning out of taking nap. What this means is no break for me and she is beyond exhausted by 7pm. I can't seem to get her to have  'quiet time' in her room without her freaking out. I want to be more understanding and compassionate. She is curious and I love her mind, so I want to foster an environment of love, play, learning and creativity. Most of all we want to build in her Godly character. So all of you moms out there I would love some words of wisdom. I am worn down.


The Mahoney's said...

Hi Jenni! I don't know if you would remember me but my husband and I knew Brent through Cru! I am now pregnant with my third (in 3 years) so I TOTALLY get what you are saying. It is HARD! When we did quiet times in my house we started small and tried to make it fun. Any music she likes? A special toy? Bribing with treats (hey whatever works)! Then slowly adding time. At first she may cry but stay consistant and positive and she may get the hang of it! And be clear that she doesn't have to sleep but you need a break. Its ok to tell her that you are tired and need a little bit of rest! Good luck! And remember God has given you all you need :)

Paprika said...

Oh Jenni, I feel ya. I'm sure you are feeling tired and that is totally okay! I'm sure its possible that Chloe could be ready to drop her nap, but I wouldn't give up on it just yet. Some kids go through a phase of not seeming like they will take a nap, but if you stick with it, she may settle back into it. I wouldn't count it out just yet. Sleep is GOOD! As we are well aware. :) If no nap, I would stick to the quiet time. She'll get it if you stay consistent with her. You are a GREAT Mama!! and she is a lucky little girl to have a Mom who sees her giftings and loves her deeply.

kellie j. said...

Hey Jenni, maya used to freak when I tried to put her in her room for some quiet time, and then I got an ipod speaker/dock for her room and when I play music in there--she's willing to play in there for amazing amounts of time! you may have already tried this, but if not, give it a shot. I remind her that she's not in trouble often when I ask her to play in her room. Hang in there girl-that is a HARD season when you feel like crap and are tired and there's a really needy small person constantly in your face/space, etc.