Tuesday, May 15, 2012

8 weeks

I have about 8 weeks left in this pregnancy (hopefully my last). I feel pretty worn out most days and we have A LOT to do around the house before then. It is stressing me out a little bit and likely adding to my feelings of exhaustion and being overwhelmed. I am trying to not get too discouraged and enjoy the time as a family of 3. One thing we have decided on( I think) is a name. I love it and Brent has warmed up to it too. The first name is Greek origin an means 'sparkling'. Middle name was Brent mom's middle name. Phoebe Marie Watson! I just love it, especially the names Chloe and Phoebe together. They are both Biblical names too ( though that wasn't intentional). This little girl is a major mover too and several times a day I double over because of the strength of her kicks. I am getting excited to meet our 2nd girl and let others carry her around! I try not to think about sleepless nights and how when i am sleep deprived i have poor communication skills (sorry Brent). I am posting this on my iPhone while Chloe is entertaining herself in the little pool. I hope to write some more positive things soon, I promise!


Keely said...

I love the name Phoebe!!!

Paprika said...

LOVE the name, Jenni! They work great together. Your body will feel better soon and then you'll be on to adjusting to have two kiddos! So excited for you.