Saturday, June 23, 2012

Chloe's Rainbow Party

Just wrapped up celebrating Chloe's 3rd birthday. As per usual, my idea of a 'simple' party got hijacked by my creative impulses and as my husband pointed out I made everything by hand. Call it nesting, or call me crazy. I enjoyed the creative process and most importantly Chloe had a fabulous time!

I started with a simple invitation: Paper from the Hob Lob and a cut out cloud glued on with details for the party.

The cake was the main thing I wanted to give time/energy toward. I started about 1 week before by baking the (3 at a time) 6 layers to make up the Rainbow.

I used a .96 cent box of white cake from Hy-Vee, split it 3 ways, added food coloring.  I did red, orange, yellow one night and green, blue, and purple another night

I am a big believer in lining cake pans with parchment and spraying them too. Because each layer was so thin I baked them for 22 minutes.

 I cooled and wrapped them in saran wrap, a freezer bag and called it good until I would frost them the day of the party. The night before, I put the cakes in the refrigerator.

It worked pretty well. I did do a crumb coating, which I will always do again! I found that smoothing the icing with a metal spatula dipped in hot water gave it the fondant look I was shooting for (my icing   may have been a bit thick)

Thin icing layer 

 Just before I put it in the freezer
After 2nd layer of icing and smoothing with a spatula dipped in hot water.

 A little bunting to go on top.
 Happy Birthday!
 It turned out so lovely!
 It was a hit at the party, for sure.

Temporary tattoos for everyone!
 I made up the game pin the cloud/rainbow on the rainbow and the kids really enjoyed it.

Lacing fruit loops (I used tutti frutti's off brand)
 I read this book to the kids.
 Eating Rainbow popcorn
Opening presents
A party favor to send home with each kiddo.


WELCOME! said...

AMAZING! You did an AMAZING job with the cake and I love the rainbow game!

Gail said...

so cute jenni! you're amazing!