Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Today we set the date for my C-section. July 5th is when I will get to hold little Phoebe Marie. Only a few days before my due date, it is what worked for my mid-wife and OB doc. I think it is SO cool that my mid-wife will be there even through the c-section. She 100%supports our choice to not VBAC. We are glad we made this choice and can move forward. As a good friend reminded me, I should probably get some diapers. Yeah, 2nd child. Many things to do including a small party for my soon to be 3 yr. old. I will attempt the much pinned 'rainbow' cake. I will post my take on it and plan to try the frosting with a paper towel technique. Over ambitious? Perhaps. Nesting has taken a different form this time around.

ION: Chloe is in swimming lessons. The teachers are awesome, but she has sobbed for 15 minutes the past 2x. The teacher assures me after the 3rd lesson it gets much better. It is good for her(for me too) to trust the teacher and not rescue her. Gotta love the pink and white polka dot suit,

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