Saturday, August 11, 2012

1 month

This post is coming a week short, my 1 mth old is now 5.5 weeks. I find having 2 hands to type on my laptop challenging as after we put Chloe to bed I just enjoy holding Phoebe for some uninterrupted cuddles. Phoebe is a great baby! She cries when hungry (more than I would like sometimes), when we are burping her, and when she is trying to get those bowels workin'. She is pretty content otherwise. She has smiled and loves looking at a hippo hanging toy in the pack and play. She still sleeps in our room and dad helps every night with feedings, since I am STILL pumping trying to heal up. He is great. She sleeps 3 hrs. at night once or twice. We are getting some rest, and she falls asleep quickly after being fed. I am grateful for this sweet girl. Her sister, though having some major adjustment issues loves her a lot. We are blessed indeed. Here are some instagram pics until I can download a monthly one from the fancy cam.

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Erika said...

Great pictures Jenni! Wish I could be there to hold that girl.