Thursday, August 23, 2012


Chloe's first few days of Preschool have been so sweet. She was excited on her first day and a week later she is still enjoying it. Now this isn't the preschool we had originally signed her up for. We were planning on sending her to Temple Tots a sweet little preschool in the basement of a Baptist church. It is the preschool I went to 32 years ago, same woman teaching. One week before preschool started I got an email saying that she was leaving the church and that the preschool would not go on. SO SAD! Chloe was pretty sad about it too. I quickly got on the phone franticly calling places because Chloe needs preschool (or is it mommy that needs it:). The first place I called had an opening, we visited and she loved it. In fact, I think it might be a better fit for her. It is a Christian preschool and I love hearing her spiritual questions coming up. I admit I am not always sure how to answer basic theological questions to a 3 yr old. And the topic changes so quickly.

C: Did Jesus like dying on the cross?
Me: No, it was painful and he carried all of our sin as he died.
C: But he CAME BACK ALIVE!!! That is so happy.
Me: It is.
C: I am Twist, you are Kiki(fresh beat band)

I am enjoying some time alone with sweet Phoebe. She is a great baby and getting some one on one time with her is great. I love Chloe, but she is LOUD and so physical in everything she does that some space is nice. I have been able to rest in the mornings, take a shower, go to Target in silence, and enjoy these newborn days. I know that next year I will have an active toddler to play with while Chloe is at preschool. For now, it is bliss.

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