Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Phoebe at 2 months

Seriously, one of the sweetest babies I have encountered. God knew that our spit-fire 3 yr old would be in a needy place when this one arrived. Phoebe is such a blessing. She is 13.1 lbs and 23 1/2 inches. That is up there in percentiles (though I am not sure why those matter). I think you might be our introverted baby b/c you can easily play by yourself already, content to look at toys without without much help. Can I get an AMEN! I love my introverted mom, husband and Lord willing my Phoebe. She is a champ of an eater and let's us know when she is hungry, she eats about 4.5oz of pumped breast milk 7 ish times a day. I will tell you more about my decision to exclusively pump later. She is sleeping 3 to 6 hr stretches at night so combined we are feeling a bit more rested. Having Brent help with night feeding is a huge help. She is very smiley and loves to follow things with her eyes. She is a delight and we love having her in our family.

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Erika said...

Oh I want to hold that girl! She is so beautiful Jenni, just like her Mama and sister.