Sunday, October 14, 2012

3 months

Phoebe is 3 months old....well 3 months and about 2 weeks. She continues to be a sweet baby and loves to smile and is getting stronger all the time. She is a big eater and sleeps like a champ. We are still working toward getting her to sleep in her crib. It will happen soon enough I am sure. We had lots of nicknames for Chloe and for Phoebe too. They are very different though. We call her, Phoebs, googie, sweetie, sugar, sugie, and a few others. She is about as sweet as you can get and though she is spitting up a lot she seems to be happy and growing. We will see at her 4 month appointment what her actual stats are.

3 months after her world has been rocked by not being an only child big sister is doing a bit better. Tantrums are fewer, thanks to a sticker reward system we started. She is becoming more helpful and less attention oriented. Chloe is such a joy and exploring things with her still inspires me and is so much fun this season. We went on a nature walk today and just enjoyed collecting leaves and acorns together. Her heart is sooo tender and this month while she was watching a Clifford the big movie she started to SOB when Emily Elizabeth and Clifford were seperated for a time. She asked me the next day if she could watch it I said "no" because it made her cry so much. She told me she liked the way crying like that made her feel. Oh dear. I sure do love these girls and feel so much better than I EVER thought I would 3 months out from having a baby. Thank you Jesus!

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