Sunday, November 25, 2012

A quick 4

Before Phoebe turns 5 months in a 2 weeks, I figured I should post her 4 month pictures and info. Phoebe did great at her 4 month check up weighing 15.5 lbs and measuring 25.5 inches. 91% folks. Her eating reflects this. She enjoys milk a lot. I am thankful my milk supply has kept steady and somehow I keep pumping away (never though I would make it this long). We tried rice cereal once and it was a no go. No rush for this one who seems to be thriving on breast milk;). Rolling back to front is a favorite activity, then there is some frustration because she can't get back over. Phoebe is very laid back, content to watch Chloe play and still super smiley. Chloe can make her laugh the hardest, which I love. I expect p will be sitting up soon, which in someways will be nice. Chloe is slooooowly adjusting. She loves her sister though. We sure love our girls!

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