Saturday, July 12, 2014


I have been thinking about words that would describe me and these three have been swirling in my mind. Today, I got spend a few hours with my dear friend, Amber. She invited me to help her set up her booth at a local Artisan market and to put a few of the things I have been creating on her table. These things are a ton of fun. I get to people watch, to see what other artists are doing, and meet new people. I did learn about a new product I'm excited to try bbfrosh chalk paint. Basically you mix this powder into in flat paint and it gives it the properties of chalk paint. The price point on this stuff is so great, $10 for powder that will last for many, many projects. Check it out. So, thanks Amber for letting me crash your booth. Here's a picture of our booth and some of my goodies.
Celebration flags {perfect for a birthday cake or potted plants} and words made from wire rope. Let me know if you want to buy some;).

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Rikki Rivera said...

I love little markets like this! All the creativity in one place, and that powder idea for chalk paint is brilliant! Hope you had a blast!