Saturday, August 29, 2015

Swim Team Essentials

This was our first year having our daughter participate in Swim Team. It meant every day practices as well as about 4 outdoor swim meets over the summer. I knew NOTHING about the swim team culture having not been involved in competitive swimming in any way before now. So, I asked a lot of questions and learned about Medleys, Relays, IM's and all that jazz. Then I watched. What did people bring to swim meets for themselves and for their kids? I found quite a few common things that most swim team families were toting to each meet. So for the sake of all the other first time swim team folks out there, I decided to make some mood boards. For the Girl swimmer (as that is where my experience is) and the Swim Team Mom. These are the things that I found are the most helpful to a great day watching your kid have a blast in and out of the water. And for the moms, some ways to survive the heat and enjoy celebrating your giving it their all. And for all the Dads out there, I've seen it all...Laptops, headphones, iPhones, and books. Most dads are in shorts, t-shirts, a chair, a hat and sunglasses.

1. Sunscreen, something the kids can apply themselves 
2. Goggles that are sun-reflective (for backstroke) 
3. A really great swim cap
4. A great absorbent towel 
5. UNO H20 (a great water proof version of the original 
6. Classic speedo style swimsuit 
7. A swimmers backpack has water proof areas 
8. Markers especially for athletes, as you will have to write events on your skin...If your child happens to use permanent marker on their skin...spray on sunscreen and wipe with a paper towel. 
9. Snacks
10. A money pouch for more snacks (one thing all swimmers love to do is snack)

1. A great sunhat (we must protect our face from sun) 
2. A great pair of sunglasses like these, (from Salt City Optics) I love bright colors and these stand out 
3. I love Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer sunscreen 
4. A light-weight graphic tank so your kiddo can spot you as they line up for a race or once they are done. 
5. A loose fitting cotton short, because you'll be sweating A LOT
 6. iPhone (duh) 
7. Caffeine (I like mine strong and iced)
 8. A fold up chair so you can claim your spot nice an early 
9. A great camera (Go NIKON) 1
0. Snacks you feel good about 

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