Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Memorable Mothering Moment

As mom's we have memorable moments with our kids. Since it is mother's day I wanted to document a recent moment that my girls and I had....We had just put a craigs-listed swing set in the backyard and I was enjoying watching the kids play on a beautiful spring day. Iced coffee in hand, I was soaking it in. Relaxing while the kids took imaginary journeys to the rainforest to rescue animals and the deep ocean to help injured humpback whales. I sat there, enjoying it all in my jeans and t-shirt. Spring had come. Birds tweeting, butterflies fluttering and bees buzzing. Bee's buzzing. Suddenly, I felt a sharp feeling on the back of my right thigh. In that moment my 'fight or flight' instinct kicked in. And like any good survivalist, I shrieked, sprang out of my lawn chair and took my jeans off as quickly as possible. There I stood in the middle of my chain-link fenced backyard with only my t-shirt and underwear on running toward the back door of the house. My oldest daughter realized what was happening and beat me inside (due to her fear of bees). My 2 year old was saying, "Where are you pants mommy"? I entered the house and found my daughter in her room laughing hysterically. She was so scared but even more amused. I found a new pair of pants and returned to my rapture looking pile of shoes and jeans sitting in middle of the lawn. I stomped and shook those babies out. Then I surveyed the neighboring backyards, just to make sure I hadn't given anyone an intimate encounter with me. I'm pretty sure we were alone at that time (I hope so, at least). I love my far away friends that I can have HILARIOUS text conversations about these things with....thought I'd share:)

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