Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Montreal was wonderful, eh?

I just returned back from Montreal, Quebec. It was a wonderful trip spent with my Dad. We just had a wonderful time with a couple of guys that are part of an amazing Church there called Impact. It was so inspiring to be around men and women that are passionate about making Christ known in a dark place like Montreal. The city wooded me as big cities tend to do. I soaked up all I possibly could in three days including a desire to learn French. It is a huge work that God is doing in that city and in Quebec. We had some great adventures, Dad and I. We stayed in a run down 2 star hotel with poor lighting and on the last night no heat. Dad made it through Ikea in one hour with a stop for breakfast (a record I think). We got lost once, but only ended up being 3 minutes late to our location. We climbed on a path at below zero temperatures to see the city at night. We ate the most wonderful brunch in the world and drank delicious coffee. I think it would be sad if I never returned to Montreal. It is truly a wonderful part of the world and reminded me of my love for adventure, culture, new people, language and God's passion for all peoples.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I am so glad you had a wonderful time. I was definately thinking about you guys over the weekend. If it weren't for the dang snow I would be more curious about Canada. I can barely manage here. I have totally enjoyed being around you the last month. The ride from staff retreat really was refreshing to me, thanks for your honesty and fun!