Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Today I was reminded of the depth and breath of art as I was sitting in my sylist's chair. J is great as what she does, cutting, coloring, straightening, waxing, and I'm sure many other things.
Not only is she skilled at her craft, but she designs and colors as an artist does. It is beautiful to watch and benefit from. I was able to capture some images of the artist and her work. I'm feeling like a walking canvas today!


Correnta said...

I want a full pic of your pretty hair! How fun to have a little pampering today!
It's almost time to start packing for your fun trip - you are going to have blast, can't wait to see those pictures.

annaelyse said...

omg. jenni your highlites look incredible! how i miss judy's artistry. and yours for that matter!

Angela said...

what a beautiful compliment to judy's work. your hair is beautiful.

Jessie said...

loving the locks jenni!