Saturday, August 02, 2008

Minister's wife?

Today my husband preformed a marriage ceremony for a young couple that we have been doing pre-marital counseling with. He did a great job and it is always fun to hear other people praise him for his kind and wise words. In these situations I find myself so proud to be his wife, but at the same time feel kind of awkward as 'the pastor's wife'. Not knowing much of the wedding party, I did a lot of wandering around, talking to random people, and doing a lot of small talk. I realized that people really don't know what to say. I heard a lot of 'Your husband did an amazing job', ' That was such a special ceremony', 'That was the best wedding I have ever been to'. I don't disagree with any of those things, but it is sort of a dead end conversation. It was actually kind of exhausting. I was appriciated by a few for doing their counseling, which was really nice. I guess I don't feel like I fit the 'pastor's wife' mold (which I am glad about).

I haven't read this book, and probably never will. All I know is I enjoy doing ministry with my husband, love encouraging, and supporting him. Maybe that is what this book says, I don't know. I was amazed this book even existed when I did a google image search. As I think about it, the whole premise of a handbook for ministers' wives sounds uninviting. Anyway, I'm sure I have a lot more thoughts that are unformed at this point. So I will leave it at that.

We spent the rest of the evening with some old friends and new ones and had a great time eating dinner and hanging out, and that was refreshing. Now I am feeling a little tired and even a bit tired of talking. My hubby and I are watching some late night tv to wind down and then will go to bed later than we should, as usual. I am really looking forward to our vacation starting on Tuesday.

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Paprika said...

Have fun on your vacation...Nate and I look forward to hearing your stories when you get home!