Friday, July 25, 2008

I buy the meat he cooks it.

Some of you might know that I HATE handling large pieces of raw meat. It really gross me out. Raw chickens (whole ones, chicken breasts are okay), pot roasts, hams, turkeys, ribs. If it is large and raw I don't want to touch it. It is mostly the slime factor that bugs me and vegetarian tendencies rise up in me sometimes. My husband loves meat. Large pieces of meat. Alas, our solution to this problem: I'll buy it you cook it. It works really well actually, and he does a great job! Last night, it was pork ribs. Look disgusting in the package, but sooo tasty in the mouth. My hubby is a great cook-what a perk!


Paprika said...

team watson - sounds like a good solution. The rub looks tasty...what is it?

Mendy said...

jenni and eeka
you guys crack me up with your food pictures! they look so good...i'm done visiting your blogs until the cleanse is over! maybe i should post pictures of the food i'm eating (boring!).

Mendy said...

not that YOUR food posts are FOOD is boring! just needed to clarify.